Soper Creek Wildlife Rescue

Durham Region’s ONLY
Wildlife Rehabilitation Hospital

Welcome to Soper Creek Wildlife Rescue, Durham Region’s ONLY Wildlife Rehabilitation Hospital; we are licensed by the Ministry of Natural Resources & Forestry and Canadian Wildlife Services to rescue and rehabilitate sick, injured, abandoned, and orphaned wildlife. Our goal is to release our patients back into the wild.


    • Learning how to bandage teddy bears
    • How to feed a baby animals station
    • Nutrition Matching Games
    • Skulls, Pelts, and other various animal artifacts
    • Flip & Match Games Associated with wildlife rehabilitation
    • How to help wildlife in your own backyard.


  • Saturday: 11am, 1pm, and 3pm  each show is approximately 30-45 minutes
  • Sunday: 10:15am, 12:15pm and 2:15pm  each show is approximately 30-45 minutes

Salem Alpacas

Welcome to Salem Alpacas

Salem Alpacas is a Premier Ontario breeder of high quality alpacas. Beginning with only three breeding females in 2000, we are now home to over 30 huacaya alpacas, having at times, over 70 alpacas on the farm.

About Our Farm

Salem Alpacas has been in operation since 2000. It was intended to simply be a hobby farm, for the enjoyment of family and friends.

As new alpaca breeders we joined the Alpaca Ontario association in its start up stage and as such became a founding member. Over the years we have participated in alpaca shows, educational seminars and events. Kathleen had the privilege of serving 2 years as Advertising Director and then a term as President of Alpaca Ontario.

The farm is situated on 25 picturesque acres, which was originally set up for horses. Over the years things have evolved, changed, grown and at times taken over without necessarily planning for it. With 2 additions to the barn, it is now a home to over 40 huacaya alpacas. What was once our hay field has now become fenced pasture. As the alpaca population has grown on the farm so have our products and services. We are a multi-faceted operation, with the participation of family from multiple generations, friends, farm helpers, and co-op students.

Lawn Tractor Pull

an Exciting Annual Event

The 4-H Club’s Lawn Tractor Pull is one of the favourite annual events at the Sunderland Maple Syrup Festival.

This year the action gets underway at 11:30 on Sunday,  at the corner of Albert St. near River St.

The lawn tractors are modified by the 4-H members themselves, and designed to pull weighted sleds. The SMSF event will be a demonstration only, but it’s good practice for the 4-H kids who will be entering competitions later in the year.

This attraction is lots of fun for visitors to watch, and even more fun for the competitors!

Jeff Taylor

Sunderland Tractor Pull 2013

We do things a bit different in the north. This is the 4H tractor pull from the Sunderland Maple Syrup Festival on April 7, 2013.

Pizza Eating Contest

Attack Your Slices

Sunday April 3 – 11:00 am
Pizza Eating Contest sponsored by Two Brothers Pizza
$5 entry fee. 20 contestants maximum.
In front of the Two Brothers Pizza.

The winner receives a ribbon and a year’s worth of bragging rights.


  • There will be a separate category for kids
  • Contestants must not touch PIZZA until the start signal
  • Must consume all slices to be counted
  • 5 contestants at a time will be given slices of pizza
  • First to finish their slices wins that round
  • Visible signs of sickness will result in disqualification
  • The first round winners then will have a final round to pick the winner.

Entry Fee: $5:00 per person

All Contestants Enter at their OWN RISK

Registration for this event no later than Saturday at 11:00 in front of Two Brothers Pizza to receive final instructions.

We look forward to seeing you and GOOD LUCK TO ALL!

Pizza Eating Contest 2022

2019 Photos – Pizza and Pancake Eating Contests

2018 Photos
Our first annual Pizza Eating Contest winners, Quinn (Kids Division) and Chad (Adults Division)! 🍕🥇Great job to all of our participants today! A special thank you goes out to our sponsor, Two Brothers Pizza.

Sunderland Freemasons – King Edward Lodge #464

This men’s “fraternity” is a group of residents who are over 21 years of age and believe in “a supreme being.” The group holds regular meetings and provides help in the Sunderland community when requested. The Sunderland Masons have been involved in the Maple Syrup Festival for 24 years. In fact, the late Brother Cliff Foulds was one of the founding members. Every year, the Masons cook sausage and pancakes during the Festival. Each breakfast consists of two large pancakes, three sausages, maple syrup from Harlane Farms, and a beverage. There are child-size portions available as well, and diners can opt for extra syrup and drinks at an additional charge.

Over the years, Lodge members have been involved in the MasoniChip Program – CHIP ( child help identify program – hosted in the basement of the Lodge during the Festival for a couple of years), which works for seniors as well; the Sunderland Music Festival (donate toward a trophy); Durham Police – donated to a Digital speed limit board (information)coming to town a few years ago; a bursary to a graduating student at Brock High School (who contributed the most to the community); donated toward the Skateboard Park at the Sunderland Arena; assisted with the Lindsay Armoury Bouncy Castle Event; sponsored Local (Sunderland) kids hockey team for a few years; school Healthy Snack Program (donated money for some years); and delivered Meals on Wheels for some time. This vibrant organization continues to enhance the quality of life for all Sunderland residents.

For more information, contact Josh Storry at

King Edward Lodge No. 464
5 Albert St
Sunderland, ON

Sunderland & District Historical Society – Historical Quiz

What do you know about Sunderland’s past?

Take the Quiz: The Sunderland & District Historical Society is running a contest providing you with an opportunity to show your knowledge of the village’s history. Anytime between March 1st and May 22nd, try our “Village History Quiz”. Prizes of $50, $30 & $20 will be awarded to the three entrants registering the highest scores. To access and complete the quiz go to

The contest is open to everyone – children through seniors. Just one entry per person! Ties will be resolved by lottery.

Winners will be announced on Canada Day.

Our Society offers several resources to help you to learn more about the history of our village.

A visit to our website at offers archives of articles and resources about our history. You might take our virtual tour (go to: of the village that offers considerable information about Sunderland’s businesses and homes. For those who prefer physical activity, you can follow our guided walking tour. QR codes have been posted at several locations around the village’s downtown. Geographic coordinates that will help you locate these QR postings are provided in the chart below. Using your phone (data plan required), you can read the codes to access brief histories of each location.

1 Museum 44.26338, -79.06848 N 44°15.803 W 79°4.109
2 St. Andrews 44.26304, -79.06831 N 44°15.782 W 79°4.099
3 Town Hall 44.26243, -79.06831 N 44°15.746 W 79°4.109
4 Old Fire Hall 44.26286, -79.06805 N 44°15.772W 79°4.083
5 Dr. Olivers 44.26239, -79.06862 N 44°15.743 W 79°4.117
6 St Marys 44.26238, -79.06877 N 44°15.743 W 79°4.126
7 Blacksmith Shop 44.26226, -79.06885 N 44°15.736 W 79°4.131
8 Nippissing Hotel 44.26237, -79.06826 N 44°15.742 W 79°4.096
9 Oldfield Store 44.26246, -79.06778 N 44°15.748 W 79°4.067
10 Anderson Drugs 44.26248, -79.06760 N 44°15.749 W 79°4.056
11 Pharmacy 44.26252, -79.06750 N 44°15.751 W 79°4.050
12 Freshmart 44.26257, -79.06720 N 44°15.754 W 79°4.032
13 Legion 44.26270, -79.06754 N 44°15.762W 79°4.016
14 MagicDoor 44.26273, -79.06730 N 44°15.764W 79°4.038
15 Home Hardware 44.26279, -79.06694 N 44°15.767 W 79°4.016
16 Brock House 44.26238, -79.066475 N 44°15.743 W 79°4.126
17 CIBC 44.262960, -79.066160 N 44°15.778 W 79°3.970
18 McDermott Block 44.262760, -79.066170 N 44°15.766 W 79°3.970
19 Masonic Hall 44.262419, -79.066150 N 44°15.745 W 79°3.969
20 Taylor Store 44.262680, -79.066420 N 44°15.761W 79°3.985
21 Home Bank 44.262761, -79.066690 N 44°15.766 W 79°4.001
22 Beall Block 44.262620, -79.066850 N 44°15.757W 79°4.011

If you are still having trouble getting an answer, you might resort to Jack Gordon’s book, The Green Pastures of Brock.