Maple Syrup Historical Bus Tour

  • Leave Sunderland School Yard
  • Head south on Albert St. to the old Police Station.
  • Presentation on Piggyland by commentator
  • Visitors have a guide with some pictures
  • Head south on 7/12 and turn at left at the Blackwater Store
  • Commentator talks about the Blackwater Junction Railroad Station. Riders have pictures in guide book
  • Go north up Blackwater Rd. to the 4th of Brock and turn right. Head east to sideroad 18 and turn south to the Pinedale Church. Guidebook has pictures
  • Go south to Layton Corners and turn right. Go west to the Wick School or Wick Church. Time here depends on amount of time left
  • Head back to Sunderland

Time 45 minutes to 1 hour