Pancake Eating Contest 2022

Saturday 10:30
by Roadside Country Diner

$5 entry fee. 20 contestants maximum.

The winner receives a ribbon and a year’s worth of bragging rights.


  • There is a separate category for kids
  • Contestants must not touch PANCAKES until the start signal
  • Must consume entire stack of pancakes to be counted
  • 5 contestants at a time will be given a stack of pancakes
  • First to finish their stack wins that round
  • Visible signs of sickness will result in disqualification
  • The first round winners then will have a final round to pick the winner.

Entry Fee: $5:00 per person

All Contestants Enter at their OWN RISK

Registration for this event no later than Saturday at 10:00 in front of the Roadside Country Diner to receive final instructions.

We look forward to seeing you and GOOD LUCK TO ALL!

Pancake Eating Contest 2022 Poster

2019 Photos – Pizza and Pancake Eating Contests

2018 Photos

Our Pancake Eating Contest winners, George (Kids Division) and Cole (Adults Division)! All of our participants did great!

2017 Photos